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DamnationVocals: Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, Alejandro FernandezGuitars: Lukky SparxxSynth: Alejandro FernandezBass: Amadei SarsanskiDrums: Vangelis MoraitisThis was fast melodic heavy metal rocker waas released on the 5th of October under Inverse Records and featured Tim ‘Ripper Owens doing some guest vocals! Forevermore Vocals, guitars and synth: Alejandro FernandezBass: Amadei SarsanskiPiano: Jani PöysäDrums: Nacho Bessi This was a …

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About us   Hello there! Renegade Angel is a melodic heavy metal project started by me – Jani Pöysä – that certainly has evolved much faster into something much bigger than it was primarily set up to do. Now it’s no longer about me, but a passionate group of musicians who want to deliver you …

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Congratulations! I am glad that you searched for our upcoming webpage, but this page has not launched. I just started learning WordPress today and will be working with this site for some days even before announcing I have launched the site.